Jump! Jump!


Due to the cold, yesterday was the first day of ski jumping for the boys out at Suicide Bowl.

I am trying not to think about the name of that hill really, really hard. (If you want some history, check out the Ishpeming Ski Club. I love the rich history of ski jumping in this area!)

The boys had a great time on the hill, though. Despite it being their first time on skis, they took to it right away, especially Peter.

He would position himself at the top of the landing hill, squat, and get a gentle push from a coach. Down the hill he flew! I’ve attempted to cross country ski before and I have gone down hills that are a little beyond my skill level (read: a gentle slope) on the trails. Invariably, I will fall in a spectacular yard sale with skis, hats, and boots flying all over. Once I fell and hit myself in the back of the head with my own ski. So, imagine my surprise when Peter was going down a hill that would probably kill me. Crazy!

They sailed down the landing hill countless times and Peter is already learning how to stop because he was told once he learns to stop, they will let him start jumping for real. (Now, THAT is terrifying.)

Robert is more concerned with obtaining a cubby in the lodge for his gear, but even he was making some successful runs. He has my sense of balance so, I wasn’t sure if he was going to be able to make it down the hill. He did it without falling!

They were SO excited to get their skis.

They were SO excited to get their skis.

In the lodge there are pictures of past great jumpers from the area. I was surprised to recognize some of the names and faces. Maybe someday the boys will be on that wall. Maybe sooner than later because the most difficult part of the night was getting them off the hill!


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