Growth Spurt


I was digging in a pile of t-shirts in my closet, looking for something to wear. Brandon had put the laundry away so I couldn’t find a thing. Typical!

I pick up a plain t-shirt and put it on…

Dang, it’s a little tight in the gut. I really need to work out harder.

So, I pick up a different shirt and put that on….

Holy crap. This is too small, too! It’s wearable, but it’s a little too tight and a little too short. I didn’t think I gained THAT much weight!

Hold on…My Lions shirt doesn’t look this new. And why would it be too short?

I check the tags.


Both of the shirts are actually Robert’s! They looked approximately the same size as my clothes so, Brandon just mixed them in by accident.

Relief was soon replaced by horror as I realized my almost-seven year olds are approaching the same size in clothing as me. If I were a petite woman, this wouldn’t be so alarming but, I am 6’2.

And then I kinda felt good about myself. I mean, I am a big girl, but I can still squeeze in to a child size large if need be. If I said no to dessert a few times, I could probably even make it look good.



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