Ready for Sochi


Peter amazed me yet again last night. I got to witness him on the 13m ski jump hill with my own eyes!

Keep in mind this is only his third time ever on skis in general. I don’t know if this is really as amazing as it seems to me, but I am in awe. He had literally never even put on a pair of skis before last week. At all. Any kind! And he is already jumping!

It was a thrilling night watching him jump and then run right back up the hill, ready to do it again.

Robert’s night was a little less exciting because he was having a hard time finding the right pair of skis. Originally he was in skis that were too big for him and he crashed a lot. As a result, he was a little hill-shy and wasn’t really willing to go down the hill. Well, he went down the hill, just not on his feet. Hey, he got warm cookies fresh from the oven in the warming lodge so, he left happy. What else matters?



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