The Snuggly Octopus


Aili still likes to fall asleep every night in my bed. And I am still a terrible enabler of this. Hear me out, though. There is nothing like snuggling in to bed and having your little child melt in to your arms with a contented sigh. Watching her sleep with such a loving, peaceful expression makes my little heart happy.

So, yes. I allow her to start her night in my bed. It won’t be long before she has no interest in that. And besides, Brandon always removes her when he comes to bed because she tends to kick him.

Last night was no exception. Aili was snuggled in to my bed long before I was ready for sleep. She was fast asleep on my pillow by the time I came up to bed.

I tried nudging her so she would roll over, allowing me to get in to the bed but she wouldn’t budge.

I pushed her a little, but her arms and legs started flailing and she kept flopping right back on my pillow before I could slide in to bed. She may have been sleeping, but she’s not stupid. She wants to stay in the warm spot. Always.

Finally I picked her up and placed her on Brandon’s side of the bed, figuring it would give me enough time to jump in to bed before she power-rolled back in to me. I was half right.

As I jumped in to bed, Aili turned in to a combat-power-snuggle octopus. She sprouted extra limbs and they were all coming at me. I barely made it to my pillow and she was already upon me. She snaked a leg around my waist and threw her arms around my neck with such force, I thought for sure she was awake and just being a spaz. She continued to wiggle around frantically, looking for the most comfortable spot. That spot ended up being pressed up to be so firmly, I thought she was trying to shove me out of bed.

“Gentle, please,” I said to Aili quietly. I realized when she didn’t respond that she was actually still asleep. That was some violent sleep-cuddling!

But then she gave me a little, sleepy sigh and her grip on me loosened. She had all her little arms and legs all over me so, it still felt like I was snoozing with a squid, but it was okay.

She will soon outgrow the snuggling and prefer her own bed. Or she will get big enough to just plain push me out of bed and then I will prefer her bed. Either way.


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