Robert Update


Robert has another handler coming to meet him today. Or psychologist? I am not really sure at this point. All I know is that someone is coming to my house while I am at work to sit with my husband and Robert to take notes and watch Robert be Robert.

It gives me extreme anxiety that I won’t be here because I am a control freak and I need to be involved in every little detail of everything ever. Because I am Mom, a lot of his autistic and abnormal behaviors are noticed (or directed at?) by me. And I hate not knowing what exactly happened at the appointment because, bless his heart, I don’t trust my husband to tell me all the details 100% correctly. He will huff and puff about that but, I would like to remind him how many times we had to reschedule Aili’s dentist appointment because someone-who-will-remain-nameless-but-isn’t-me kept forgetting to bring her to it.

(It was Brandon. 3 times.)

I am also anxious about the appointment because we can never predict what Robert will do. Will he act like a little angel? It’s not usual, but sometimes he just sits and plays with his trains or plays a video game with Peter. I fear that he will be a completely normal little dude and the Child Wrangler will think we are insane because clearly this sweet little boy would never bite someone because he was served the wrong brand of macaroni and cheese or go bananas in a store because the lighting is hyper-stimulating. On the flip side, what if he turns in the the Incredible Hulk because his sister touched one of his trains and his reaction to that is to try to smash her in the head with a boot? I don’t want this person who doesn’t know my sweet Robert to think he’s a homicidal maniac who is a danger to society! So, I will spend my day at work praying that Robert will find a happy medium for his Crazy and like, throw a slightly-not-age-appropriate tantrum over fruit snacks or something else that is not normal but not REALLY not normal.

Well, now I sound like a micro-managing spaz. Maybe I am the crazy one here.

Ooh, maybe they will medicate me! That would be nice. 😉


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