Snow Days Suck


I got up this morning and turned on the TV right away because I could see the snow was blown up against the windows. That’s usually not a good sign and there have been rumblings all week about today being the worst weather of the week.

I watched the crawler with anticipation and dread.

The school on the east end is delayed…We’re okay. It might be just them.

One closer to us in closed…Okay, maybe it’s just them. They close for everything. Wimps.

The school one district over is closed AND they closed their administration offices….Oh no.

The district on the other side closed too. Parent-teacher conferences cancelled! …This is bad.

Our district… Closed. COME ON. Is it really that bad out there? We are heartier that this! We can shovel snow! I have 4-wheel drive for a reason!!

I hope Brandon arranged for emergency daycare like I asked him to.

Some people love snow days because they are a day off. I faintly remember that they were fun when I was a kid. Adulthood has sucked all the enjoyment out of snow days for me.

Well, time to run around with Muppet arms panicking about how we will all get to where we are getting today. Upper Michigan winters are the best.


2 thoughts on “Snow Days Suck

  1. We moved from IA to NC. Snow days around here mean, “20% chance of snow overnight with little to no accumulation. All area schools are closed.” I seriously miss snow! Piles and piles and piles of snow. Snow that arrives in December and leaves in March. Because snow days without snow suck too!

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