A Case of the Mondays


Do you even wake up and immediately wish you could go back to bed?

Today we are having another blizzard in Upper Michigan. Local meteorologists are still relieved that naming blizzards didn’t really catch on because we’d have run out of names up here by this point in the winter. We’d have to start giving them last names and suffixes.

“We are bracing for Blizzard Benjamin Flufferton the III today….”

Well, Mr. Flufferton is going to be a pain in my butt today. The whole state is closed…if you are a school or Meals on Wheels. But, I still have to brave the cold to go to work. I am really not looking forward to that. (If I die a snowy death, seek revenge on Benjamin Flufferton the III.) I love my job, but I hate driving with other people on the road who assume 4 wheel drive is the same thing is as invincibility.

And because that is just not enough, Peter is power puking. Last night he emptied his stomach a few times and spent time on the couch looking pathetic. So, we have that to worry about as well. Daycares don’t accept power pukers. Heck, they don’t even accept vomit dribblers or overzealous burpers. So, that adds an additional bit of spice and horror to our snow day.

I just have to pray that whatever it was that made him yak isn’t contagious.


One thought on “A Case of the Mondays

  1. I hope Flufferton gets back on his snow camel and rides out of town fast. And takes the germs with him.

    On the bright side, it will make spring that much sweeter!

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