Getting Dressed


My sweet little girl has a hard time waking up. She usually looks like she was on a bender the night before and it takes at least a half an hour for her to resemble anything close to a coherent human being. This morning was no exception.

We were running a little late and I went in to Aili’s room to wake her up. There was a slight stirring from under the covers when I turned on the lights but, it didn’t even whine so, I knew it was a live but still asleep. I poked at her until she started to grumble. I could tell this was going to be one of her rougher mornings so, I decided we were going to get dressed immediately

I tugged her legs out of the covers. It was like trying to get a fat cat out of a tiny cat door. It was doable, but not easy. I stripped her bottom half while she remained motionless and got it dressed. Her legs were complete dead weight. You haven’t really lived until you have tried to put leggings on a 4 year old who is making absolutely certain to help out as little as humanly possible.

I had to then wrench her top half out of the covers and get that dressed. She wanted to protest but she didn’t want to show she was actually awake so she screwed her eyes shut and went in to rigor mortis. I had to struggle a jumper on to her as she kept her arms pulled in to her body stiffly. After I was done, I was pretty sure that if there was a contest for who could dress a dead body the fastest, I would win it. Hands down. World record holder.

I put her down and she started to burrow back in to her bed so, I had to carry her downstairs and deposit her in the living room. She sat on the couch looking dazed for a good 15 minutes after that before being able to function and have breakfast.

I can’t wait until she is a teenager…


One thought on “Getting Dressed

  1. That brings back memories! It was so much easier to just stuff the girls into clothes when they were little and then get them in the bathroom to do their hair. I actually miss that a little…

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