Another Jumper!


Robert did it!!

Last night something clicked for Robert and suddenly he was flying down the 13 meter hill without crossing his skis or sitting down. SO, the coach let him try a half bar jump, and he did it! Then, Robert asked to do the full hill, and he did it! We went from barely standing up on skis to taking the full hill with a jump in one night! Robert may have been a slow start to jumping, but once he decided to make progress, he made it to the top of the hill faster than Peter!

I know one shouldn’t compare twins because they are individuals who progress at their own rates, but Robert is the one who always takes just a little bit longer do do things or learn a new task. Peter is a natural at darn near everything that Robert has to work his tail off to achieve. So, watching Robert power down the hill and make it look easy was probably the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

And, of course, I was unable to catch video of Robert’s flight because while we were outside, Aili was inside the lodge watching cartoons on my phone because she wasn’t feeling well. I was on a high from Robert’s success when I went inside to check on Aili and see how she was doing. (And possibly snag my phone to sneak some video of my new ski flyer…) She puked in a plastic bag and was standing there looking miserable.

Thus proving my theory that we are a house of extremes. We can’t let everyone have a good evening, you know.


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