The Ballet


Vomit-fest 2014 seems to have stopped for now so, I can bring you a story that doesn’t involve puking!

On Saturday Aili had her ballet recital. I was extremely nervous because she had, on previous occasions, expressed her hatred of her costume to the point of tears. I wasn’t sure if we would get her in the costumer, much less get her to the recital.

So, I tore home from work to get her made-up and costumed. If you have never tried putting mascara on a preschooler, consider yourself lucky and pray you have to good fortune to never HAVE to do it. Little girls have tiny features that are not very defined so, when they get on stage, some amount of makeup is required. Little girls also wiggle a lot and are terrified you will stab them in the eye at any given second. So, you will either get a girl who has the perfect amount of makeup that looks like it was applied during an earthquake, or you will get Super Tramp because you needed to blend away so many missed marks.

We definitely got Super Tramp.

By the time I was done, we were late for call time so we had to FLY there as fast as possible. We get there and I am not confident. We made it! She is in her costume and makeup without complaints! And she…fell in a pile of dirty, slushy snow.

Are you kidding me?

A big streak of black slush went up the side of her white tights. Fantastic. I brushed it off of her as best I could, hoping she wouldn’t bust out in tears and ruin her makeup, too.

I deposited her backstage where her teacher finished getting her cleaned up. And then I sat down to panic in the theatre.

Was she going to refuse to dance with messy tights? Would it be noticeable? Regardless of tights, would she dance? Sometimes she sees an audience and she freaks out. Try not to think about it, man…

I enjoyed the rest of the ballet before Aili’s class went on. There were girls of all ages dancing the story of Anastasia. Beautiful, if historically inaccurate. (Is it weird that the part that bothered me the most was the dancers with the signs protesting the monarchy that were in English? Let’s ignore the whole “Anastasia definitely didn’t live” aspect of the story and focus on signs that aren’t in Russian. Good job, self.)

Finally it was time for Aili’s class. The nurse costumes finally made sense as they were helping the aged and dying Anastasia. As I watched, Aili put a huge smile on her face and did her routine better than I have ever seen her do it! She was really dancing!

After the ballet, she was nuclear-power excited. She clutched her rose and bounced around the building. She soaked up the attention as people told her how cute she was and what a great dance the nurses did. Her eyes glittered and her smile was so big, it took up her whole face.

I know that look and that feeling. Someone has caught the stage bug. Uh oh…


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