Another Challenge


Robert got an extremely long note home from school about his behavior on Friday. If it were any longer, Simon and Schuster may have considered picking it up as a new full-length novel. The long story short on the note was that Robert did not listen to the workers at the after school program. I could see the progression of the behavior through the note. I could see things that were triggers, Things that for a normal kid may have helped correct behaviors that were unwanted. Things that I know make Robert start to bubble and will ultimately make things worse.

The problems are that 1. The people working at the after school program are college kids. They don’t really have the training or expertise to work with difficult children or children with special needs. 2. Even if they did, they aren’t really paid enough for this. 3. And there are too many kids there for individual attention anyway. And now for the kicker…4. We have no idea what is “wrong” with Robert, either. I can tell you what can diffuse the situation sometimes. I can tell you what will probably make him upset. I can tell you that sensory issues like heat, cold, and hunger are deal-breakers for him, but beyond that…I don’t know. It’s just as hard for us at home. And we have no diagnosis yet.

I am so worried he is going to be just labeled a “bad kid” because he isn’t on the same plane of existence as the other kids. I can tell people there is something going on with him until I am blue in the face, but they will always ask what is wrong with him or what is his diagnosis? And when I can’t provide an answer….It must be my imagination. He’s just a bad kid. He can’t behave.

I really hope we get an answer soon. We have some appointments coming up. I just hope we get answers from those before the Robert Was Sent Home From the After-School Program novel by the after-school staff goes to print.



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