Snack Shame


It’s my least favorite day of the month again. It’s the day that Aili has to bring snack to preschool. And, as usual, I have a severe case of snack inadequacy.

I bought a jug of juice for the snack, but its 100% grape juice and I am afraid I am going to be a villain because of the staining quality of this juice. I legitimately thought giving grape juice to a bunch of four year olds was a sound idea when I purchased it. I plead temporary insanity.

And then I made muffins. Blueberry muffins! In multi-colored wrappers! Don’t get too excited. It came from a boxed mix. And it doesn’t fit with the weekly theme at school. It fits with the “I am really tired of making an effort” theme at home. I am hoping the children don’t have very developed palates. I will be embarrassed if they call me on my canned blueberries. And, hey. There IS a theme other than laziness. Staining. Everything in this snack is a big old stain waiting to happen. You’re welcome.

I showed Aili the snack last night, hoping she would be excited about the colorful muffin cups.

“Is this it?” she asked. “We definitely need more snack. I will take you to the store.”

*sigh* Of course.


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