Lots of Words


Remember when your kids were little, tiny babies and you just couldn’t wait for them to start talking, hoping they would say “Mama” first? And you were so excited for them to learn!

Well, THAT got old fast.

Lately my kids are full of words. Like, all the time. Like, I can’t get them to stop giving me their stream of consciousness.

I decided to track Robert in his first 5 minutes of being awake. He told me he was promised a doughnut last night by daddy if he went to bed on time (of course, right?), he told me he put his Valentines in his backback already because he finished writing them last night, he told me he was going skating on Thursday, he told me that cinnamon doughnuts are superior to creme filled doughnuts, and he began to discuss the finer plot points of “The King of the Rails” with the cat.

That was only the first five minutes! He literally shot out of his bedroom talking his head off and hasn’t stopped since. And, it’s not just him. All three of them do this. Every waking moment. At the same time.

I know I should be grateful because some children in the world can’t speak at all. But, you know, a little quiet would be fantastic. Let’s be real, here. The kids aren’t really telling me anything of importance or asking fact-finding questions. They are pretty much just talking to hear themselves talk and that is absolutely exhausting.

This weekend we are going on a little road trip and I am dreading it because of the noise machines that will be in the back seat. I need ear plugs and sedatives.



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