Happy Birthday ad nauseum


The night before Robert and Peter’s birthday, Aili helped me pick up cupcakes from the grocery store for the boys to take to school in the morning. (The ultimate irony for me: I love making cakes and decorating them. I would have loved to make something fancy and impressive, but the boys are at the age where a plastic ring on a store-bought cupcake trumps any fancy fondant or intricately decorated cake I could ever make at home.) Well, that trip put Aili in the birthday mood and she insisted we practice singing happy birthday. We sang it a couple times through but, that was not enough.

She sang to her brothers (together and individually), herself, me, Daddy, both of the cats, the house, the furniture, the Jeep, the road, the snow, and the moon.

All the way home.


If this child doesn’t end up on Broadway, I’ll eat my hat-shaped birthday cake…


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