The Weekend Adventure part 1


This year the boys chose to have a weekend excursion to the closest “big city” in lieu of a birthday party. Now, don’t laugh when I tell you where we went. We went to Green Bay, Wisconsin. As you city people chuckle, remember that the population of the entire Upper Peninsula is about equal to that of the city of Green Bay. To us, it kind of IS a big city. Plus, it has stores and restaurants we just plain don’t have. So, it’s exciting.

We drove down as early as possible on Saturday morning with a chorus of “Are we there yet?” in round form starting when we were about 5 minutes away from home. The drive from our home to Green Bay takes about 3-4 hours. (Yes, it is the closest big city. If you are hoping for a city bigger than Green Bay, you’ll be going at least another 3 hours to locate one.) So, we made it there around breakfast time.

We went to Denny’s because, like most national chains, we don’t have one of those. The boys were inexplicably in lunch mode already and requested macaroni and cheese for breakfast at 9AM.



Aili was just thrilled to be included in all the fun, especially when I let them get their juice in cupcake cups. Normally, I think that stuff is a ridiculous waste of money, but it was a fun vacation so, I indulged them.

After breakfast we went to the Holy Shrine of Youth Consumerism for the boys to worship.

1620589_10100594885072747_1239922986_nNo, we haven’t got one of those up here, either.

The boys saved their money for a year and then were gifted some money from one of their grandmas so, they had quite the healthy sum to spend. Even Aili saved so she could shop, too. They ran in that place with pure glee. And you know what? It was kind of fun for me, too. When they ran up and said, “Can I get this, Mom?!” the answer was always yes….until they ran out of money, of course. It was nice to just say yes to them and not worry about if this is really a good or useful toy.

In the end, Peter picked out a giant stuffed Ninja Turtle, a smaller Ninja Turtle that had weapons stored in his shell (of course) and a set of walkie talkies. Robert got a bunch of Skylanders for his game, and Aili found a princess baby doll and a cat hat whose tail sticks up when you squeeze the earflap.

They left as three blissed out kids, but little did they know their day would be even more exciting soon and my headache would only grow bigger…



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