The Weekend Adventure part 2


After the excitement of Toys R Us, I was ready for MY version of that store: Old Navy. I very rarely get to go to one and online shopping just isn’t as fun because I love me some clearance racks.

The children were moderately patient as I shopped for bargains but they eventually got tired of it. Aili was content to fawn over the shoes in the little girl section, but we had to stick together here. I asked Brandon to take the kids over to Build-A-Bear while I paid for my finds. (I found a dress for $4. $4!!!)

Brandon promptly got lost in the mall.

When I got to Build-A-Bear, my family was no where to be found. I don’t even know how that happened since we literally had JUST passed it on our way to Old Navy. But, never under-estimate the Nelson sense of direction. If you want to get tragically and permanently lost, have one of us lead you anywhere. Especially if we “definitely know where it is”. You’ll never be seen again.

Eventually Brandon and the kids found their way to Build-A-Bear. But, by that time, I had fallen in love with the idea of letting them build bears with little outfits. Brandon raised the “how much is THIS going to cost” eyebrow at me but I ignored it as the kids went to work picking out their bear and clothing.

1904119_10100594980641227_160366365_nI mean, just look how excited they were!


That right there is a picture of three happy children with their new bears. And I will just ignore the sounds of my wallet sobbing in my purse.




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