I woke up very slowly this morning. I actually loitered in bed for a bit longer than normal. Aili had wormed her way in to bed and she was like a little furnace so, it was nice and comfy. Eventually I rolled out of bed and slowly got ready for the day. I just made it to the kitchen when Brandon said something completely panic-inducing.

“The boys have ultrasounds this morning!”

Oh God. We forgot. It was 7:10am, the appointment is at 7:30am. We live just over 20 minutes from the hospital and the boys aren’t anywhere near ready to go. Also, they had no preparation. Robert especially needs to be prepared. He needs to be reassured that there will be breakfast after the ultrasound because hunger makes him a crabby, sassy little man. He is much more likely to have a behavior incident when he is inconvenienced by hunger. So, I like to remind him many times that there will be food. Lots of food!….after the ultrasound.

When we told the boys they had to be in the car NOW, Peter grabbed a stuffed animal and bolted to the car. (Bless him.) But Robert melted down. He was already panicking because I told him bacon was a weekend breakfast food and I was not intending to make any on a Tuesday morning (in a dress 30 minutes before work, while the bacon was still in a frozen state in the freezer, no less) so when we told him he needed to leave without food, he freaked out.

Poor Robert had to be carried to the car kicking and crying. In the interest of time, his boots and coat followed him to the car, not necessarily ON his body. (We’ll have to figure out that part of the equation when we get there.) To add fuel to the fire, I didn’t go with the boys because Aili needs to be dropped off at school and I have to get to work. It was highly unpleasant to hear Robert crying for me as he was stuffed in the car. I am 90% sure that was just a manipulation tactic and he really doesn’t give a fiddler’s fart if I am there for the ultrasound, but it was highly effective. It made me feel extremely guilty.

Now I am praying to the Patron Saint of Rowdy Children and medical procedures. (I’ve chosen Saint Ubaldus Baldassini – the patron saint of demonic possession and autism. I mean, I have to cover my bases here…)

Because Brandon will need it.


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