New Stress


Well, the ultrasounds went well but the medical stress came after with another call from our insurance. They don’t want to cover another surgery for the twins’ tongues.

If you will remember, when the twins were 2, we went down to Ann Arbor to have tongue reduction surgeries. They were done…poorly at best. So, I am looking to a specialist who is out of state to get them done right. Well, our insurance is convinced a botched surgery is good enough and they don’t want to cover a second one without a second opinion from…..the only doctor in our area who doesn’t accept our insurance plan.


This wouldn’t be such a big deal if, you know, he wasn’t super expensive (and insists on payment in full at the time of procedure) and I knew he was going to agree with me. But, I may have accepted a job with him once and then quit it before I started. Kind of recently. I don’t know if he hold grudges but, I really am not inclined to find out. So, I am going to have Brandon attend this appointment and pray he doesn’t remember “that one girl who had a lot of cranio-facial knowledge because she had twins with Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome who blew off the job offer we gave her, that bitch” when he does a consultation on the twins.

I am so incredibly awkward.


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