Monday, Monday


My three little wet hens absolutely hate getting up for school after a weekend. (I can’t say I blame them. After looking outside, I would rather stay in my bed, too.) But, Aili always takes it to the next level because she is my mini-me.

This morning Aili was howling in full hysterics as Brandon brought her down the stairs. “NO!” she bellowed. “I don’t want to be trapped in there!!!”

She was referring to the living room where her school clothes were waiting for her. Or Alcatraz. Maybe she’s having a psychotic episode. It’s hard to say, honestly.

“It’s so cold! I’m freezing! I need my blanket!” she sobbed after being deposited in the living room. Now, I know I keep the temperature a little low in the house. (68* is FINE. Wear a sweater.) But, it’s not like we dropped her off on Hoth. She continued to carry on and pretended to be dying of frostbite. “I…need….my…blanket!”

Her pathetic cries lasted until that point where all parents wish they had considered just getting a dog instead.

“Aili,” I called to her in a last-ditch effort. “What would Elsa do? Remember? The cold never bothered her!” I was trying to conjure up the movie Frozen for her. Maybe she would at least forget about her plight to have her blanket if she was thinking about Idina Menzel.

“Let it go,” Aili quoted dramatically and then flounced away. I was so shocked and amused, I couldn’t even be mad when she came back in the room with her blanket.


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