Fashionista Aili


Aili is very fussy about her clothing. She has very particular standards for what is cute. Pink, sparkles, and horses are usually good contenders to be called, “so cute!” This morning I gave her a new shirt to wear that had an asymmetrical design on it. (It’s a typical little girl shirt. It has a drawing of a girl with sparkles, ribbons, and a satin rose embellishment peeking around her left side. Apparently we design to little girls by making it look like a craft store vomited on them. It’s highly effective. Aili loved the shirt when we purchased it.) 

“You put it on wrong, mama,” she said, looking down at her shirt.

“It’s supposed to be like that,” I reassured her.

“I don’t believe you,” she huffed while picking at her shirt.

“It was made that way.”

Aili looked at me, jutted out one hip and put her hand on it. “THAT is just RIDICULOUS!”

She flounced off, still offended by the shirt with the picture that wasn’t centered.

I eagerly anticipate her new spring line. I have a feeling everything will be properly centered, the way God intended. With glitter.




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