Music Appreciation 101


I listen to NPR a lot. Mostly because I am a liberal and that is how the Mothership beams information straight in to my brain. But, sometimes I listen to NPR because they play some killer recordings of classic compositions. Last evening on the way home from the grocery store, this was playing:

It is one of my favorite compositions and definitely one that paints a clear picture in my head. (Mostly because of the movie Fantasia because I watched it about a million times when I was a kid.) It has such passion and feeling, I wanted to see if the kids could pick up on the tone and personality of this piece. Without making my husband roll his eyes too much at my ham-fisted explanation, I will just say that this piece is in a minor key. Minor keys usually sound spooky, scary, or sad to Western listeners.

“Guys, what does this song sound like to you?” I asked the peanut gallery.

“Spooky,” said Peter.

“It sounds like a monster. It’s too scary for me!” said Aili.

“School. It sounds like school,” said Robert.


Fair enough.


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