Daylight Saving Time


I am of the belief that daylight saving time is now solely used to torture people because they are no longer farmers. But, if I had to pick which of the two semi-annual daylight saving torture events I prefer, it’s got to be Spring Forward.

I know! That’s crazy! This is when we lose an hour! Why would anyone like Spring Forward?

Because small children can’t tell time, that’s why.

Allow me to explain: Last night at 8pm, the kids’ internal clocks were telling them it was 9pm. They were more than ready for bed, making it an easy sell. And then, this morning when it was 6am, it felt like 7am so we could trick ourselves in to thinking we had actually slept in. It’s beautiful. Obviously, the exact happens in autumn when we “fall back”. Whenever I hear someone get excited about that extra hour, I can tell they don’t have children.

So, until we wise up and get rid of this archaic form of agriculturally originated horror, enjoy the Spring Forward! Parents can get their kids bathed and in bed at a reasonable hour for the next 6 months! (Or, at least for two weeks when their internal clocks adjust…)


2 thoughts on “Daylight Saving Time

  1. I’m confused. Which doesn’t take much these days. But doesn’t it work the opposite way. By jumping forward an hour: at 8 p.m. their bodies think it’s still 7 and want to keep playing and at 6 a.m. their bodies think it’s 5 and keep on sleeping? Our kids have a horrid time going to sleep but sleep soooo delightfully late in the mornings until their bodies adjust.

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