Okay, so maybe my thoughts on daylight saving time were backwards. Maybe. Not everything I write is comic gold. I swear it’s mind over matter. Or I am overtired. Either way…

Yesterday was False Sense of Hope Day because the weather was so nice that the snow started to melt. It felt like spring! You could actually see the potholes on the streets! It’s extra disappointing because there is another “snow event” predicted for this weekend.

We all enjoyed time outside gazing at that strange day star that we rarely get to see and stepping in puddles the size of swimming pools. At the end of the day, Robert was peeling his wet socks off his feet and said,

“I wish it was summer.”

We all do, buddy. But, I felt compelled to ask him why he wanted it to be summer.

“Because then it will be easier to ride my snowboard off the slide in the backyard,” he explained.

Sorry I asked.






One thought on “Melting!

  1. Sorry about that! I really was completely confused myself. I get them turned around all the time.

    Snowboarding off the slide sounds like my kids! They’ve been trying to ride their sleeping bags down the wooden stairs! I’ve had to nix that brilliant idea.

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