I was picking up the living room and I found a whisker that one of our cats had shed on the floor. I called Aili over to look at it, figuring she had probably never seen a whisker not attached to a cat. (Honestly, I was a little nervous about showing her because there was a small chance she would try to find the cats and either put the whisker back or take some more out. Thankfully, the cats have claws so, they can at least defend themselves if she gets any bright ideas.)

Aili examined the whisker for a while and then looked at me with bright eyes. “Mama, can I keep it?”

Sure, why not.

“Oh, good!” she gushed when I told her she could have it. “I need it for my collection! I keep my collection in my pocket.”

So, what you’re really telling me is that I really need to check all your pockets before throwing any of your pants in the washing machine or risk washing God only knows what. Got it.


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