Destructo Girl Strikes Again


Have I mentioned lately that Aili LOVES to help? Oh, she does. But, on her terms. Forcefully. And she won’t stop helping until she is sure you have been fully and officially helped.

Yesterday Aili went on a cleaning jag. She is like the father from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. She firmly believes that Windex is a clean-all and cure-all. She was running around with Windex and a rag cleaning everything within her reach. Unfortunately for all of us, the television was included in that list of things she could reach.

Nothing is quite as disturbing as getting a text while you are at work that says, “I think Aili broke the TV.” Especially considering this particular television is only 2 months old.

When I got home, the TV was still having fits from the Windex. She must have squirted it in the controls on the front of the set because now the only thing the TV will do is frantically cycle through its modes of operation over a black screen.

I’m trying not to be 100% furious, but dude, I really wanted to get Frozen today and sit in my jammies and watch it 5 times in a row for the children.


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