The Dog


The kids met a dog yesterday. And here is what I learned:

1. Aili, as the youngest, loves having animals in the house because she can boss them around freely. She loved telling the dog where she could and couldn’t go and for what amount of time. I am assuming this comes from her being the little sister and the fact that she is a bossy little thing who is just dying to be in charge. Thankfully, the dog didn’t mind.

2. Robert is afraid of dogs. No, I take that back. He is afraid dogs will eat his food. He is very protective of his food and the dog looked like competition for his nacho chips.

3. Peter loves dogs, but he is overly concerned for the well-being of the cats who don’t understand that if you run, dog will chase. (She was a young dog who thought the cats were playing. The cats, on the other hand, were deadly serious and NOT playing. At all.) So, Peter was a little skeptical about the dog.

4. Aili will sit next to the dog and just hug and smile and smile and hug until the dog has finally had enough squeezing and will get up and walk away. Aili will follow the dog until she sits down again and resume hugging. (Thank goodness for a patient dog…)


Doggy-sitting makes me think the kids may be ready for a dog. (The cats are glaring at me with the mere thought.) Maybe man’s best friend needs to buddy up to my kids…


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