Picture Perfect


Last night was Aili’s dance picture night. We had to go through the ordeal of convincing her to don her nurse costume and makeup one more time. The costume was actually the easy part. It was the makeup she fought like a wildcat. Apparently we now have a fear of mascara that is all-consuming. I may not be the best makeup artist, but if she sits still, it comes out halfway decent and she doesn’t get poked in the eye….much.

She is overly sensitive.

Anyhow, after about a half an hour of her whining and complaining, I got her made up and dressed. She looked like a little doll so, I was pretty excited. These pictures were going to be lovely!

I brought Aili up to the studio and she waited her turn to get her individual pictures done almost patiently. Finally it was time for Aili’s pictures. She stood in front of the clean, white background and her teacher told her to stand in second position.

“No,” I heard from Aili. She had her Sassy Voice going.

Oh, no.

“How about third position?”

“I don’t wanna,” returned Aili, putting her hands on her hips.

Oh, Lord…

Aili and her teacher went back and forth with Aili refusing to do any poses because she had watched the other little girls do those poses and she wanted a different one.

What a DIVA.

Eventually Aili found an acceptable pose and got her pictures done. But, it was a tense few moments where I seriously wondered if she would just be pitched out of the studio for her attitude. I mean, I wanted to do it so I imagine the photographer and her teacher did, too.


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