Gluten-free Friday 2


This week up for review was Tyson’s GF chicken  nuggets and Annie’s GF macaroni and cheese. (For the purists out there, no, I was not concerned with casein this week. I realized cutting both the gluten and casein from the house so quickly was a disaster. This is going to be a gradual process so, while we are still working to cut BOTH out of our house, casein is taking a little longer so we don’t have a riot. Robert can handle a lot of things, but a complete moratorium on macaroni and cheese is just too much for him.)

Both of the items this week I consider to be  major convenience foods. Sometimes I just don’t have the time or energy to make a complete home-made dinner so, it is nice to have these in the cupboard “just in case”. I will note that they are significantly more expensive than their gluten-filled counterparts so, I definitely won’t be putting these foods in heavy rotation. They both claim to be more natural and minimally processed, but who are we kidding? It’s macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets. Both held up to their reputation of “easy foods” by being simple to prepare, if not a little sticky. (If your non-wheat pasta say “stir occasionally” on the package, assume they mean you need to stir constantly and watch like a hawk. If you don’t prepare for a gelatinous mess stuck to the bottom of the pot. That’s just the nature of non-wheat pastas.)

1932395_10100619789449177_1804648523_nBut, doesn’t it make a pretty kid plate? The kids were happy to see something that didn’t look so homemade after a week of diligent work by their mother to provide them with healthy, homemade meals every stinking day. Because, of course.

Since I didn’t eat the reviewed foods, I took a poll of the children:

Aili: I loved the quinoa*. And the nuggets were good.

Robert: I like macaroni. 

Peter: I liked the chicken nuggets because they were yummy.

So, based on their opinions, this was a huge success. Tyson and Annie’s did an admirable job making kid-friendly convenience foods. No one noticed the meal was devoid of gluten! I give this meal a 9 out of 10! (The sticky noodles really did bother me that much…)


* I think she’s referring to the kiwi fruit. Or she has a more advanced palate than I thought and she thinks the nuggets were breaded in South American grains. Who knows.




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