Words of Wisdom


My kids have opinions on everything. Here’s a small sampling of some of those opinions…

Aili on how good Taco Bell is: “Oooh, soft taco! I love you so much! I am going to marry you! … No. I am going to eat you.”

Robert on how predictive Google works: “I just type in S K and Skylanders videos magically appear! It is awesome!”

Peter on bedwetting: “I have never wet the bed, but I used to wake up really sweaty. In my pants.”

Robert on ballet: “You know why a lot of boys don’t do ballet? Cuz they don’t want to wear tutus. And girls are weird.”

Aili on terms of endearment: “Oh, you’re my chubby wubby mama! I love you so much!”

Peter on what he likes about school: “Mostly nothing.”


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