The Worst Mom Ever


I’ve joked about being a “bad mom”, but this time I think I have actually done it.

Yesterday evening I got a knock on the door. It was the city police. I was informed that a neighbor saw my sons breaking windows on another neighbor’s garage. I was completely shocked. Apparently, when I thought they were playing in the snow in the backyard, they were actually sneaking out of the yard to destroy property. When they were asked why they did it, they had no answer.

When the police officer left, I turned to the boys and pointed upstairs. They scattered to their room and I followed them up. When we got there, I couldn’t yell or scream or be furious. I just cried. I felt like the biggest failure on the planet. How could I have done such a terrible job raising them that at 7 years old, they thought it was okay to destroy someone’s property? All I could do was tell them how disappointed I was in them and myself. And for good measure, I informed them that the Skylanders were leaving the building because Mama does not have the spare cash to blow on repairing someone else’s house. But, eBay would love to pay me for their video game collection!

Obviously, that went over like a sack of bricks as intended. Hopefully that will make some sort of impact because the police officer talking to them barely did. Their reaction to that was minimal and they immediately retaliated on me by taking all the bedding off of my bed and crumpling it in a corner as soon as my back was turned.

Everything feels kind of hopeless right now. They’ve gotten in to boyish mischief before, but nothing like this. (And, to be fair, the neighbor could have just told me about it instead of embarrassing me by calling to police. Who does that? Honestly?) I am doubting myself and my judgment. I mean, they didn’t even give me a good reason for breaking the windows. It was like I asked them why they built a snowman. I dunno, just something to do. That’s scary! Are they turning in to little delinquents? How the heck do I stop this? Also, do they hold boot camps for first graders? Sign us up.


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