A New Level of Sneaky


We’ve been trying to train our cuddly almost-five-year-old to sleep in her own bed. She has been difficult with sleep since birth. When she was an infant, she would only go to sleep if I was holding her. So, she has been trained (or effectively trained us) to require cuddling to get to sleep.

Now, I can handle snuggling with her to get her to sleep because, honestly, I love holding her. She’s such a sweet little peanut when she is settling in to sleep. I don’t mind acting as her security blanket to get her to sleep. But, she wakes up in the night and THAT is the problem.

My sweet snuggler gets up at least once in the night to use the bathroom. (NOT complaining about that. It means our bed-wetting days are pretty much over!) Once she has used the potty, she tries to sneak in to my bed. Now, if she were actually sneaky, it wouldn’t be so bad. But, she’s not. It’s like having a miniature marching band stomp all over before collapsing on your chest. Not entirely pleasant.

So, every night it happens like clockwork: She gets up, she goes to the potty, she launches on our bed, she wakes us up, Daddy pitches her in to her room and hisses at her to not come back. (He is usually the subject of her flailing arms and legs at night so, he is much less forgiving.)

For the past couple nights, Aili has been missing from our bed. I thought perhaps she was cured of her midnight snuggling.


That little sneak was tired of being removed from our bed so, she started climbing up in to Peter’s bed and snuggling with him. He is a very deep sleeper so she knew she could get away with it.

“Aiiiii-liiiii,” I heard Peter whine. (What a wake up alarm THAT is. Nothing starts the day like whining.) “Get out of my bed. MOM! THERE’S A GIRL IN MY BED! I HATE GIRLS IN MY BED! GET HER OUT!”

Note to self: remind Peter of those words if he gets a girlfriend….



2 thoughts on “A New Level of Sneaky

  1. I’d recommend putting baby gates on your door and the boys door so she just can’t get in. If her bed is the only snuggley spot to sleep she’ll go there.

    Or you could do a little prize in the morning when she makes in through the night only sleeping in her bed.

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