Hungry Man


The other day I sent Peter to school with a cold lunch. He wanted one because Robert is currently getting cold lunches packed for him in an effort to avoid gluten. I made Peter a hearty lunch containing a turkey sandwich, a yogurt, veggie chips, raisins, a granola bar, a cookie, and a juice box. I figured he would take something out of his bad for snack time so, I packed pretty generously.

When Peter got home, he was asked how his lunch was and he said, “The breadsticks were great!”


Apparently Peter ate his WHOLE lunch for snack time and then ordered a hot lunch with his lunch ticket because he knew it was breadstick day. Apparently the big, soft breadsticks they serve are really, REALLY good.

I did a quick food calculation. He ate cereal at home and then went to school and had another breakfast there because he loves school breakfast and nothing can stop him from eventually sneaking in the breakfast line and eating. Then he ate a full lunch for snack and ANOTHER lunch for lunch. Holy cow.

Hopefully this is a temporary growth spurt kind of thing because if it isn’t, I am going to need a second job to pay for groceries!


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