Gluten-free Friday 5: Vegan Shrimp?!

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It was one of the strangest things ever suggested to me.

I was in a newish natural foods store and the owner came up beside me while I was looking in the freezer section.

“You should try these! They are gluten-free, vegan shrimp! They really taste like shrimp!”

What? Hold the phone. They are WHAT?

Apparently, the company that makes these shrimp get that a lot because even their website says, “Huh? Vegan? Seafood?” at the top. But, it’s true. Sophie’s Kitchen makes a gluten-free and vegan “shrimp” made from konjac (not congac) which is a type of Asian yam that apparently tastes like seafood. It really does!

I was super skeptical about the shrimp but, I just had to try them. My husband has a shrimp allergy so, we never have it in the house. Before I was vegan, I LOVED shrimp so, this seemed like the perfect product.

Now, as per usual, I didn’t exactly follow directions. Let me tell you, the “thaw before attempting to heat” is a super important step that I really should have followed because my lack of thawing made the breading kind of a hot mess. Oops.

Technical difficulties aside, the shrimp were really neat. They had the right texture for seafood and the right taste. They even looked like little shrimp! I thought they were awesome. My husband was less jazzed because all his experiences with shrimp have lead to disaster so, the taste of shrimp it now really off-putting to him. And, apparently the kids dislike fake seafood as much as real seafood. So, basically I was the only one who liked the shrimp. But, I REALLY liked the shrimp so, that should count for something.

If you like breaded shrimp, this is a super yummy alternative. (Just….follow the package directions.) You will be pleased with it. If you are not a fan of seafood, skip this one because it’s not going to make you suddenly like the taste of the ocean. They were pretty pricey, but I will definitely get them again because having a “seafood” dinner sounds like an enormously decadent treat to me and actually having one that I can eat without getting sick is awesome. Plus, if you compare it to a dinner out at a seafood place, it’s still cheaper because the $6 package of “shrimp” is designed to feed at least 2 people.


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