Theatre Geek in Training


On Friday I took my daughter to her very first musical. Honestly, it’s surprising that she hasn’t really gone to one before because I have been in so many. She’s been to dozens of dress rehearsals, but she’s never seen a real, live show. This show seemed like a perfect first show because it was a staging of “How to Succeed in Business…” that was put on by the local high school. It was starring some of her favorite babysitters, which made it even more exciting.

As soon as “Miss Dana” walked on stage as “Rosemary”, Aili went nuts. I told her she had to be quiet in the audience, but it didn’t prevent her from trying to wave and letting a little, “Hi Miss Dana!” squeak out. She was absolutely entranced.

At one point, the lead male asked to someone else on stage, “Well, is $25,000 enough?!” and Aili, so in to the show, answered with an almost silent, “YES!” I say almost silent because it was loud enough for the rest of the audience to hear and Aili actually got a laugh from the audience for it.

In that moment, I knew I was doomed. She got a reaction from the crowd. She LOVED it. “I want to be on stage!” she whispered to me excitedly during intermission. There was that spark. I know that spark. She sucked in that attention like a sponge.

They warned me the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree but…shoot.


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