Last night I came home from work and started baking. I foolishly volunteered in the beginning of the school year to bake for the class parties for the twins. I forgot until Tuesday that there was an Easter party. (Or non-denominational spring party with bunnies and chicks. I really don’t know what they call it these days. I just knew enough to not make Jesus cupcakes.)

SO, I made key lime pie cupcakes in flowered wrappers with sprinkles and marshmallow bunnies on top for Peter’s class. Then I made gluten-free sugar cookies decorated to look like bunny butts (I’ll show you what I mean tomorrow.) with marshmallow tails. It took a ridiculous amount of time and it left my enclosed porch FULL of treats all ready to go to school.

I got up this morning ready to pack up the treats and….

Snow Day.

No school today. No school tomorrow either. Of course.

So, it looks like we will be having a cupcake party at work today. Wooo!


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