The Benefit of a Regular Bedtime


We all know that kids benefit from schedules. Regular bedtimes, waking up around the same time, mealtimes, the whole nine yards… Well, I got to experience the fallout of messing with that schedule after Easter.

Peter had sugared himself up to high heaven on Easter. He gorged on candies at home in the morning after our egg hunt. And then again at lunch when Grandma gave him a basket of treats. And once again at the other Grandma’s house a few hours later. I am sure once we were home for the evening, some candy managed to make it up to his bedroom, too. That boy loves him some sugar.

Well, because of his all day sugar high, Peter wasn’t ready to go to bed at a reasonable hour. He went to his room at the regular bedtime, but we caught him rumbling around in there a good 2 hours later. I knew that was going to be bad news for the morning, but we took it to a new level.

In the morning, Peter grumped and growled. He didn’t want to get ready, he didn’t want to eat breakfast, he didn’t want to do anything. He didn’t have socks, he didn’t have his coat. And then, all hell broke loose.

We told Peter it was time to go to school even though he told us he didn’t like the color of his shoes. (It MATTERS.) He told us we were the worst parents ever and then he booked it out the door and down the street in just a t-shirt with no shoes or socks. (I am sure the neighbors loved that wake up call. He was howling like a siren the whole time.)

He was eventually captured and hauled to school. He gave his father a hard time there, too. He escaped a few times and threw his shoes on to the front lawn of the school. (I assume he calmed down quickly there after because for once we didn’t get any notes or calls home.)

And that is why from now on if it looks like someone isn’t able to get to sleep at a reasonable hour in this house, we will attack them with a full arsenal of warm milk, sleepy time tea, and exorcisms.


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