Monkey See, Monkey Do


I have a few vices that I know aren’t good for me, but I continue to cling to. The biggest one is diet soda. I know. It’s just chemicals in a can. But, I really like that stuff and it’s not like….gang violence. It could be worse!

I am terrible at justifying this one, aren’t I?

Regardless. I have a habit of keeping a case of diet soda in the house so I can grab one or two for work on the way out the door. I have noticed that they seem to disappear faster than I drink them, but I figured it was just my husband. He was clearly lying shamelessly when I asked him if he was drinking my pop.

I should have known better.

We discovered a treasure trove of soda cans in the boys’ room. All empty, of course. They are not allowed to have soda, but apparently they have been taking the liberty to help themselves. And it’s really super hard to yell at a kid for drinking something and telling them it’s bad for them when….you’re going to drink it, too.


I am going to have to give up the diet pop. Or keep the case at work…


One thought on “Monkey See, Monkey Do

  1. Keep the case at work. At least you can yell at your coworkers if they take any.

    I also have a wicked diet soda addiction. but I’ve found some of the Crystal Light sugar free flavors to be quite good too.

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