If You Give a Mom a Project


If you give a mom a project like fixing a small hole in the wall, she will decide the wall will need to be repainted.

If she repaints on wall, she will decide she may as well paint the whole hall and stairwell.

While she’s painting the stairwell, she may spill some paint on the ugly, stained carpet. If she spills paint on the carpet, she will want to take it out.

If she takes out the carpet, she will need to go to Lowe’s for more materials to clean and paint the stairs.

While she is at Lowe’s, she will see the seeds and seedling starter trays.

She will have to get a tray and lots of seeds.

When she gets her purchases home, she will need to plant the seeds right away.

The children will help and there will be dirt on the floor.

Mom will need to sweep the floor.

Once she sweeps the floor, she will notice how cluttered the house is.  She will need to de-clutter it.

As she is bringing a box of toys upstairs, Mom may run in to the wall, making a small dent.

She will need to fix that hole with her wall patch kit.

Once she is done patching the wall, she will decide the patch looks ugly without paint over it so she may as well re-paint the wall…


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