Tis the Season


I know it’s getting late in the school year because the snow is almost gone (yes, it’s still here in these parts). Kids are getting antsy for summer and the teachers are starting to get snarky.

Robert got a test back that he didn’t do so well on. (Spelling is not his strong suit and as much as we try to help him, he is difficult to wrangle and teach.) The note on the top of the test said,

“Do you study for tests?”

In red ink, of course.

Well. Wasn’t THAT helpful. (Considering we all know Robert struggles with reading, I have to assume that note was for me. Passive aggression is fantastic!)

Sometimes teachers are extremely helpful and encouraging, but sometimes its the end of April and its “F this Crap ‘o Clock”, apparently.


One thought on “Tis the Season

  1. Woah! Did the teacher have anything useful to contribute besides that?

    Totally unrelated – since so much communication is electronic, with built in tools these days, is spelling as necessary a skill as it used to be?

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