The Countdown


Aili’s birthday is May 8th. She is going to be 5 this year.

As a result, every day (and sometimes every hour) we have to let her know how many days it is until her birthday and how many days until her party and how many of her friends will be at the party and will her cake be done by then and will the cake be chocolate and will there be princesses on the cake and will Grandma be at the party and….

It’s like a constant stream of talking and the only subject is her birthday.

I am not sure what is more exhausting, preparing for a kid party or listening to her talk about it.

I am starting to understand why some parents have a bar with “adult juice” at their children’s parties…


One thought on “The Countdown

  1. Worth it for how ecstatically happy she’ll be when the day comes!
    (That should be enough to recharge you for the sugar-high to follow.)

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