The Piano Men


A couple weeks ago I met a woman who was just returning to the area after living in another state for several years. She was a piano teacher and we really hit it off. I had been wanting to start the kids on lessons so, this sounded perfect. When I told Brandon about her, he was ecstatic. Apparently she had taught HIM lessons when he was little! It was just perfect!

When we figured out the connection, the teacher gushed and went on about how this was going to be so exciting and fun. I could already see she was hoping the twins were going to be little musical prodigies like my husband.

Oh dear.

I tried to warn her they may not yet be expressing any gifts in music. Hell, I am not convinced they even HAVE any musical talent. The teacher thought I was just being modest but really, I was just trying to warn her.

She thinks she is going to be getting young Mozarts who are full of gifts and potential. I fear she may be getting young Mozarts in personality and attitude but not in musical talent.


Refer to the movie Amadeus if the previous statement didn’t make much sense to you.


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