The Piano Men 2: Electric Bugaloo


So, I feel like I have to update a little about how the first piano lesson went for Robert and Peter.

Robert, of course, does things on his own terms. He apparently did well, but he likes to barter for practice time.

“If I get yogurt for snack, I will play two songs….”

Peter surprised me, though. Not only did he take to the lessons immediately, but he gets excited about practicing. He made Brandon help him with practicing after he got home last night and then first thing in the morning, he was begging to get at the piano and do his exercises.

I am holding my breath because I want this to be something he loves, but I don’t want to force him or make it a chore. Mostly, its something I wish I had learned as a child so, I am really projecting on him. I am very cautiously ecstatic every time I hear him at the piano.



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