Gluten-free Friday: The Lunchbox


Robert’s school is able to accommodate gluten-free students with their hot lunch program but, I know Robert and he is extremely picky. If he doesn’t like what they serve, he will refuse to eat. And a hungry Robert is a HANGRY Robert. A hangry Robert is someone no one wants to be around. So, in order to make sure he isn’t hangry or (worse) tempted to sneak forbidden foods, I pack lunches for him. But, what do you pack for a kid who is gluten-free?

The exciting part about being a gluten-free kid right now is that there are tons of options to pack in lunches that are tasty and gluten-free. The added bonus is that a lot of them look just like their wheat-filled counterparts so no one notices you have the “weird lunch”.

This is today’s lunch box:


We have a sunbutter and jelly sandwich on Udi’s GF cinnamon raisin bread (I want to do a whole post just on that bread because it is SO good!), a juice box (With fruits an veggies in it. Because I am sneaky.), Schar’s GF shortbread cookies, an orange, and Van’s GF cheddar crackers.

Looks like an all-American lunch to me!


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