Happy Mother’s Day!


I hope all the mothers out there had a fantastic Mothers Day. (Side note, I feel like grammatically it should be “Mothers’ Day”, but I never see it punctuated like that. So, I choose to avoid apostrophes all together in it. So there.)

I was spoiled royally by my children. Robert and Aili got me some jewelry, Peter took me out for lunch, and best of all: I got several hand-made cards from them.

Aili had written a little biography of me for her card and she said that I was “like, 15 or something” years old and I get annoyed when she “pinches me on the nose”. I am fully aware neither of those are true. (Aili most definitely annoys me when she takes my glasses and wears them around the house but she has never pinched my nose….yet.)

Robert included Pokemon cards in his cards for me because he wanted to give me something special and “that one gives you like 20 health points!”

Peter had found football trading cards at my parents’ house and my mother told him that when I was a little kid, I liked the Miami Dolphins (hey, we all have our phases, right?). So, Peter separated out all the Dolphin cards and gave them to me in his card.

I am so lucky and spoiled. 🙂


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