Cat vs Dog


There is currently a video circulating of a small boy being saved from a dog attack by his cat. The general consensus is that people are amazed that a cat would defend a child and/or take on a dog many times its size. (Check it out if you haven’t already. It’s pretty amazing to watch, honestly.)

I, for one, was not shocked by the cat’s behavior because I live with a dog and two cats. I see this sort of behavior on a daily basis. Our tiny tortoiseshell cat, Sophie is constantly defending us from dog attack. By “attack”, I mean “dog jumping on the bed”, “dog walking in to kitchen” and the ever-terrifying  “dog sitting under the table”.

Yes, Sophie is ready to growl, hiss, and chase down the dog at any given moment. She is not intimidated at all that the dog has a jaw twice the size of her little feline skull. She comes out claws a-blazing at the smallest sign of threat. Like when the dog wants attention from us.

I don’t know if she would defend us from an attack from a strange dog, but she certainly defends us when our own dog tries to eat her dinner or take a nap. And to her credit, the dog is extremely patient with all of this. She looks sufficiently terrified whenever Sophie starts grumbling. Either the dog is very good at pretending to be scared of the cat or she has yet to realize she could quite easily eat the cat for a snack.

Sophie: Not the hero we want, but the hero we are honestly baffled by.



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