My children are starting to take an “it’s 5 ‘o clock somewhere” approach to breakfast. No, they aren’t drinking wine out of a box at 7am. (That would be me.) They are just eating thinks one doesn’t normally eat for breakfast and loving it. It’s that sort of forbidden lure, the mix of unusual and laziness that causes college students to regard cold pizza in the morning as a separate food group. My kids understand that. They are like tiny frat brothers. (A surprisingly accurate description of small children… They like to stay up late, will do dumb things on a dare, will eat and drink things most humans find disgusting….)

Especially Aili who wanted crackers and guacamole this morning. Peter asked for Top Ramen noodles. (I don’t understand the appeal and I tried to warn him he will definitely get his fill of those during college, but he stood firm.) And Robert hopefully asked for dessert. I gave him points for trying…



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