The Calm Before the Storm


It’s almost 7am and my house is silent.

No, no one stole my children away, as sometimes tempting of a thought as that is.

It’s Belly Picture Day so, the kids are still sleeping. We have realized over the past 7 years, that keeping them asleep until about 5 minutes before we have to leave is the best way to go. We avoid a lot of whining and complaining about the lack of breakfast when we just snatch them out of bed and throw them straight in to the car. They are too drowsy to realize they haven’t eaten. By the time they wake up fully, they are already at the hospital.

There is one little hitch in this perfect plan: Aili.

She doesn’t get ultrasounds so, she can eat in the morning. To save our sanity, it’s best that she does. She gets hangry. So, we have to steal her out of bed like a pair of fat ninjas and smuggle her downstairs before she can holler, “Brothers! Breakfast!!!”

Once we get her downstairs, we throw a bowl of cornflakes in front of her and pray she just eats quietly and finishes before the boys wake up. If there is one lesson we have learned the hard way, it is that if the boys wake up and see someone eating on Belly Picture Day, Hell will in fact, break loose.

Luck is on our side this morning. Aili horfed down her breakfast and got dressed before the boys woke up. Whew!

But, it’s getting to be that time. I’ve got to haul my fat-ninja butt upstairs and sneak those boys straight in to the car….

“BOYS! WAKE UP!” shouts my husband.

Or….we could do that, too. Sure.


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