It was finally warm enough to go to the beach this weekend. (Side note: while it was around 90*F on Saturday and in the 70’s and 80’s on Sunday, as you can see from this picture taken on Sunday, there is still ice in Lake Superior. The winds blew it out to Presque Isle, but Lord knows when you move ice cubes to one corner of a glass of water, it does little to improve the temperature of the rest of the glass!) The kids were beside themselves when we got there and they ran at breakneck speeds to the water…

And then immediately turned around and raced back up the warm sand. The water LOOKED inviting, but it’s still barely above freezing. They spent most of their time playing on the shore and occasionally frolicking ankle deep in the frigid water.

Of course, nothing is ever completely smooth when we go out. Peter managed to throw a toy in the lake at one point and it sunk in to the drink. I was ready to give Iron Man a burial at sea, but Peter started crying miserably. Apparently this particular toy held some kind of unknown significance to him. It looked like an increasingly ugly piece of plastic to me, but I could barely argue that.

I did my job as Mom and hiked up my shorts to wade out to the toy. It was like wading in to a bucket of ice. Horrible. The toy was only about three feet out in the lake, but the water came up well past my knees because of a sharp drop off. Thank God the water is always clear or I wouldn’t have attempted this. (I am still not sure why I did.) I got out to the toy and reached down to pick it up with my hands, completely forgetting how deep the water was.

You know exactly where this is going.

I stumbled as I realized I was going to have to submerge my shoulder in the water to reach the toy. I tried to recover….


I now have a better understanding why people have been saying that “cold water challenge” where people jump in to freeing water is a terrible idea. I accidentally submerged myself and I almost had a heart attack. It was electrically bone-chilling.

I told Peter as I handed him the toy that he’d better remember this moment when he is picking a nursing home for me. He owes me BIG TIME.


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