Pictures of Mom


Robert brought home a picture he drew of me.


This is me sitting at an amazingly accurate drawing of my desk at work. (As much as I wish I had rad car pictures hanging in my office, I have to point out that the “picture” behind me is a window, looking out on to a parking lot.)

At first I thought it was adorable. But, then I realized it was kind of sad. I spend far too much time at work, getting ready for work, decompressing after work…. Robert thinks my life revolves around work. I guess it kind of does. I mean, I spend more hours in a day with my coworkers than I do my children. That’s super unfortunate.

Man, I can’t wait for the weekend. I need some quality non-work time with the kids. Especially Robert. If he had to draw this picture again in a month, I want it to be a picture of him and me at the park.

Challenge accepted.


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