So Sassy


So, we have this dog. Sometimes she is super smart. She follows commands, she knows some tricks, and she has mastered the art of figuring out if there is anything good to eat on the counter and snatching it before anyone notices. Sometimes, however, she can be so dumb, I wonder how she remembers to keep breathing. She feverishly tries to catch moving cars and trucks to the point that she can’t be walked on busy streets or she will succeed in catching a car. Also, she barks at everything. Grass, people, wind, sunshine….you know, it really doesn’t matter what is or isn’t happening. She will bark. At least 4 times a day she will come barreling out of the kitchen barking like there is a stranger at the door when there is no one there….just in case.


Well, I have about had it with the barking so, I talk to her like a people about it.

“Bella, you need to stop barking! There is nothing to bark at!” I shooed her in to her kennel. (We were leaving the house, so it was time for her to go in there anyway, but I wasn’t going to tell HER that!) “Time out! No barking!”

Bella sat in the kennel, looked up at me and, “Bark bark bark!”

“Knock it off!” I started walking away.


“When did you turn in to a sassy teenager?” I asked her as she stared me down.



Apparently my time outs are as effective on dogs as they are on children.


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